Leggings are Pants.

Wow so after the rainy terrible weather I endured yesterday in NYC and the freezing train ride home, I feel like this blog post is even more applicable-what can I say, I’m a sucker for rain boots and leggings?!

If you want to disagree with the title that’s fine. I’ll just have to tell you to get over it. Because I’m going to keep on sportin them as if they are pants 🙂 So, enjoy the view world!

Now…I feel like I need an asterisk or a footnote in here. I’m most certainly not referring to those cheap thin “leggings” that you can see completely through and allow the entire world to know that you’re wearing a neon green thong today. That is just, no. Which is why I’ve clarified. Hope the gorge pics below help to better illustrate my point 🙂

New Thick Leggings

Hope y’all had a great short week back. I totally felt a chill in the air this morning so we’ll see if the 90 degree heat comes back or if it’s really time to break out these fall necessities!

Have a great weekend!



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