Ima Let You Finish…But These Clothes are Having the Best Weekend Ever

So over the weekend there was definitely a little chill in the air and Saturday it rained basically all day so Nick and I decided to head to the mall. After wandering through Barnes & Noble and every. Furniture. Store. In. There… (which was amazing, by the way)…we headed to a few clothing stores. Can I just say that my heart exploded when I went into Banana Republic? Not only did they finally have those amazing tassel heels that I had seen in their fashion week pics, but I didn’t see a single in there that I did not like/LOVE. I ended up getting this sweater:

Super cute. Super long. Super comfy. Grey on the back. Just, yes. I also ended up getting these black gladiator sandals that I had my eye on all summer (but they’re not on the website anymore 😦 ). Not only were the sandals on sale, but everything was 40% off so I ended up walking out with both the sandals and this brand new sweater for about $100. I had definitely previously told Nick I wasn’t doing any clothing shopping in September which he promptly called me out on. I kind of gave him evil eyes after that and he started cracking up saying he doesn’t care if I shop. So there’s the verdict ladies and gentleman, he doesn’t care if I shop! Hahaha. (Until it’s partially his money, I guess 😉 haha)

I’m going to visit my parents this weekend (with Nick! yay!) and I will probably definitely be doing some shopping/damage with my mom so I totally kept my eyes peeled for stuff I could maybe, possibly stock up on later. Here are some of my faves from Banana Republic and some other places

(I just need to say that there were a pair of camo Sam Edelman slip-ons similar to these at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago and every day since I saw them I have regretted not getting them. Sigh. Life is hard.)

(Can I just say that for so long Coach was ugh but I feel like maybe they’re coming back? We’ll see…)

Hope y’all are having a good week so far!!



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