Back from Boston…

Wow, so today I head back from Boston and I am just realizing that somehow September has already slipped through my fingers! I know that my last few posts have been fall fashion, fall fashion, oh-em-gee, FALL FASHION! So, I thought today I’d share some pictures showing off what I’ve been up to lately other than day dreaming of boots and scarves and the Free People wardrobe that is bound to magically appear in my closet any day now šŸ™‚

 photo 4DEFB47E-A0B5-4FE9-B99B-05C63E32AE10_zps5hgjkhw2.jpg

A few weeks back I went to a bachelorette party out in the Shenandoah visiting a ton of wineries which was awesome! So much beautiful scenery. I need to go back now that the leaves are changing! Fall is definitely the best time of year to spend in the Shenandoah and I so regret not documenting it more while I was out there for college!

 photo 70B1857C-552A-4D67-8E74-B8EF34D59027_zpsqedxxkfr.jpg

I told y’all a little while ago when I had to head up to NYC during NYFW…not for NYFW of course…sob. Well I think this emo-esque photo accurately captured my mood on that dreary day.

 photo 127E4588-78EC-45CC-A348-26CA35E3F1C9_zpsj6rwvr89.jpg

Amazing, amazing, amazing artwork that helped to brighten my mood while I was up in New York. It looked like the artist (artists?!) used a wire backbone and then took individual pieces of tissue paper scrunched into the wiring to create the crazy, bright design! It was seriously awesome and I can’t even imagine how much time had to go in to creating this!

 photo 26655E50-D95F-4C98-8806-417BE7486E31_zpsuccfiy1p.jpg

Some weather-Inappropriate fashion that also helped to brighten my day!

 photo 6DB2900B-8CD2-4134-A0A9-2898CBBA7B38_zpsuq7dcgbx.jpg

A couple months ago someone from work was moving on to another company after being with ours for-basically-ever, so we headed out into the wild that is DC and had a crazy night. Before we went all around town we went to this amazing restaurant called Lincoln. Not only was the decorating pretty awesome (inspiring my future apartment, obviously), but the dishes were superb too! I definitely recommend.

 photo 92643F44-7C8C-4ED3-9B1D-ED416678C008_zpsuy3jyhgq.jpg
 photo 07ECA4F9-BFCD-4CF6-AB96-A0CCB1D897BE_zpsun4hla6z.jpg
 photo A6730202-115A-4167-93F1-62C925E6C2C7_zpsqaidunhg.jpg

Some adventures through DC…

 photo 7DC2058F-B1D0-4E79-AB6A-2F840355DAB4_zpsrds5l16u.jpg

Oh, just some braid, super inspired hair. Please tell me why I have the most hair on my head but it always wants to flatten. This was after major major teasing.

  photo 5EC66926-1F68-4CE2-BE8A-105CD6B94339_zpsi8hvcgta.jpg

Out with my love.

 photo F4BA5F08-D746-49D8-AD2B-0B05AAD534E4_zpstkku4fkg.jpg

Me and my babe on the way to the airport to visit my fam!

 photo 9D94340C-349B-4492-ADFB-7C2CCC96677D_zps6i1pvtoi.jpg
 photo CDA8748B-B4E8-4480-A69A-64A4049068FC_zpsqllrriow.jpg
 photo 245E428E-7E9D-4D46-8A98-71C48CF2F42C_zpsf8bo95hv.jpg
 photo 7C6A9A40-4024-4B80-AFA8-4B45392F1149_zpsjuxf5hed.jpg
 photo BAB67C90-2524-4687-9806-2116528DEF6A_zpsaskaapbk.jpg

 Some pictures from the lake and the rest of the trip this past weekend…

 photo 707E73A9-FE1E-4DD1-96C0-D0D7BE51AE42_zpsz2a8plnq.jpg
 photo 09CA86CA-0A3C-4278-BD0B-396025931170_zpsvkpqloar.jpg

OF course, some fall fashion. Oops, how’d those sneak in there?! Haha.

 photo 976894CC-9EE3-4329-8D9B-E205D6DDADB3_zps5r4zyv3v.jpg
 photo CEC99D80-0FDC-497B-84C9-8D85188C9A25_zpsu0jzffd3.jpg

And, some gorgeous pics from traveling up to MA!

Hope y’all had a great week, a great first day of fall, and are ready for some nice weekend adventures šŸ™‚



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