What a (Wet) Wild Weekend!

Despite all of this INSANE rain I had a great, great long weekend in Chapel Hill. My boyfriend and I got there Thursday night around dinner time and headed out in the rain planning to go to a cute, local, non-chain place, but ended up at Mellow Mushroom. C’mon it was right across the street! And there was so much rain! And we were starving! And you know what it wasn’t that bad. I do have to say though, the drinks were better than the pizza. Then we hung out at the hotel bar for a long time with some other guests and the bride and groom. Friday I had a bridal luncheon in the morning for which i stayed up all night crafting -even though, yes i was supposed to have my crafting done long beforehand. Then we went to a cool country type bar for the rehearsal dinner where tears were shed by all because the speeches were so dang touching. Then, of course, we went out downtown to the Krunkleton and my boyfriend dominated in pool while i tried plenty of fancy beverages 🙂

Saturday was the big day and I headed to the mall to get a makeover at Sephora! It was awesome. I had the best makeup artist. She was seriously so talented and nice and helpful. Every single step she took or tool she used she explained what she was doing and what the purpose was…it was awesome! Needless to say I think it turned out great and i definitely did a little beauty shopping and went home with more than I bargained for. Oops! But it’s definitely worth it when you know you’re getting the right colors and tools that you’ve actually SEEN in use. It was awesome.

 photo 4C524638-14DC-46A4-9E04-15898D21C95C_zps0yrls2ym.jpg

Please disregard how blatant this selfie is…but c’mon! Look at that eye! No comment on my weird smile…

And of course the wedding was amazing! (Do I even need to say that?!) The most fun ever! So much dancing and singing and everyone had a great time.

I feel like I am just now recovering from the exhaustion of the long weekend. Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time in what feels like months (but, seriously, I think it has been a couple weeks?), and it was truly terrifying how out of shape I am.

 photo 4108AD4C-C933-4328-8B67-AD743A622A27_zps0qc1xuvd.jpg photo F296E8DE-39F3-4349-A0A2-3AA3FF443883_zpsbywzxn5e.jpg photo FE693C43-D199-4EDE-961D-8B157968403A_zpsenvfwsm4.jpg

So much hardcore cheesing 🙂

Anyways hope y’all are staying dry especially if you’re down in South Cackalacky ❤

Have a great hump day!



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