Oops. I Bought a Few Things at Forever 21…

I mentioned the other day during my Fringe freakout, how I picked out a skirt from Forever 21. Well what I believe I failed to mention is that I picked out a couple other things. Oops? I let my shopping cart sit overnight and in the morning when I woke up to find a sale notification in my email I figured it was time to pounce. I couldn’t miss out on the fringe, right?! Haha.

So I ended up with this beauty…

Velveteen Fringe Skirt | Forever 21 - 2000180742

Web exclusive, so you won’t see it in stores…just saying…

I also picked out this adorable skirt…

Product Image

Excuse the tiny pic…this isn’t on the website anymore so it must be sold out online?! Super cute though and can’t wait for it to be a little colder than 75 degrees for me to show this one off with some OTK boots 🙂

Also snagged this classic long sleeve tee…

Because I can always use some color in my fall/winter wardrobe and a class long sleeve t is perfect when I can’t deal with a sweater. Did I mention it was only $8.90 before sale? So, that was that…had to throw that in my cart too.

I guess I should feel mildly guilty for picking up these things right before I got my makeup done and picked out soo many beauty necessities last weekend, but I really don’t. I think the fact that I snagged these all for less than $50 makes it somehow excusable in my brain. Sigh. Ok now I suppose it’s time to go back to self control (even though that’s not nearly as fun 🙂 haha).

On a different note…

As some may know, most of my family is in Columbia, SC. I’m very lucky in that my family escaped the recent rainfall and insane flooding mostly unscathed. Many of them only had flooded basements…my parents house was mostly unharmed but they do have flood insurance to cover the damage that was done to several bedrooms. My grandma’s house was the worst and my family has been working hard to try and get everything out of there in hopes it will dry up. Until then she is living with my parents.

With that said… many are not so lucky. If you feel so inclined I encourage you to donate any way you can or more specifically to Red Cross.

Ok that’s all 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your week was magic and your weekend is even more magical ❤



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