Date Night

Friday night Nick and I had a lovely little date night 🙂

We went to an adorable little place called Red’s Table which I highly recommend. How can I make that sound even more convincing?! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE GUYS! Haha. It was so good. Every single thing we ordered was awesome.

They just updated their menu to be a bit more seasonal and have some fall flavors and it was awesome.

 photo 15949440-585F-4146-8469-81C5D98ACAC0_zpsyxi1xuc1.jpg

I mean come on.

We started off with some meats and cheeses because that is where my heart truly lies. Babe started off with the Clam Chowder and he said it was great! (Not my cup of tea so I passed haha). I got the Sweet Potato Gnocchi and you guys. I’m going to try and cook this. It was so good. I have no idea what the mushrooms were cooked in but they were superb. I have to learn how to make this. I can’t remember if Nick got the pork chop or a steak? It was some sort of meat with some veggies and he loved it haha. For drinks I got the Pueblo Pear and Nick got the Horn Hot Apple Cider-they were both great. How many more times can I say the word great?!

 photo C0511B22-6E38-45C5-A6BD-FE53700F5AB1_zpsf1qqehog.jpg
Anyways it was a great date night and I hope you all had a great weekend 🙂 Enjoy this amazing fall weather the next couple days!



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