Guys. You Need to Make This. That Is All.

So lately Nick and I have been much better about eating at home and not spending so much money eating out…very proud of us 🙂 So we have been trying out a ton of new recipes and choosing what we will be putting into our “rotation” once we live together and have a nice, bigger kitchen…can’t wait! Well last week I found this recipe on this great blog called Cookie and Kate. She has tons of vegetarian and GF recipes which I don’t necessarily have to eat for dietary reasons, but aren’t those recipes always the healthiest? If I can find a pretty simple recipe that has little or no processed crap in it, I’ll take it!

Not only did I love it, but so did everyone else that ate some! Even my roommate who got home late from work and had to re-heat it thought it was worthy to go into our rotation! So really I just felt it was unfair not to share…

I did amend the recipe a bit…This was my first time cooking eggplant so I was a little nervous about that. The eggplant I picked up was also a little smaller than what her recipe called for so I was nervous there wouldn’t be enough for 4 people, with no sides. So I ended up sauteing a bag of spinach with the pine nuts (since I didn’t buy toasted) before I mixed all these superb ingredients together. Something else to note is that I did not end up adding the basil or the parsley…not for lack of trying! I actually had those ready to go and I just forgot. So that is what happened. Just know that it was still just as delicious without them 🙂 I knew that I was cooking dinner for two huge guys who love their meat (no puns intended guys! haha) so I bought some chicken sausage, cooked it in the pan and then added it.

I mixed the lemon-garlic dressing (seriously though? yum. What else can I put this stuff on?!) and then poured it over the entire mixture. I let everyone add their own feta and (oops) I bought a container of olives from the olive bar and added them to mine. I can never get enough olives as you may notice below 🙂 That is a personal choice and I live with it every day haha.

 photo 60C9E547-C6BA-41B7-A785-6934F2325D12_zpsxeepokja.jpg

I will go out on a limb and say I didn’t need quite so many olives. The feta packs quite a punch and so do the olives…having so much of both could be slightly overwhelming…which is why I let everyone add those themselves 🙂

Alright now I am completely starving and ready for lunch…Hope y’all are having a great week so far! Come back soon!



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