Flash Sale?! Well, Alright…

Two posts in one day?! What is the meaning of this! Well I am trying to not do anymore spending until my next paycheck so shopping is out of the question. (I’m currently waiting on two packages in the mail…one from DSW and another that is a surprise for my boyfreind’s birthday…so clearly I’ve had enough shopping for one month and then some haha) (oh, also did I mention I have about ten new lip colors picked out for the next time I hit up Nordstrom Rack?! Sigh. Addictions. So hard to manage.)

Well it seems Forever 21 is having a flash sale – as if I need more excuses to shop?! 50% off? Sigh. But no shopping until my next paycheck! None! But that didn’t stop me from perusing and checking out what exaaaactly was discounted… Can I just say, that even without the flash sale you can’t beat these prices?! Check out some of my faves below…OH, and don’t forget code “FLASH” to scoop up some treats!


Textured Woven Blazer | Forever 21 - 2000121979

Textured Woven Blazer – $32.80 (50% off with code FLASH)

Contemporary Shirred Chiffon Dress | Forever 21 - 2000129877

Contemporary Shirred Chiffon Dress – $22.90 (50% off with code FLASH)

Sleeveless Surplice Romper | Forever 21 - 2000078209

Sleeveless Surplice Romper – $19.90 (50% off with code FLASH)


France Graphic Pullover – $19.90 (50% off with code FLASH)

BOY London Hooded Tank – $75.00 (50% off with code FLASH)

Marled Sleeveless Hoodie – $17.90 (50% off with code FLASH)

Fun/Trendy/FUZZY 😉

Tasseled Sweatshirt Dress – $19.90 (50% off with code FLASH)

I absolutely love love love this dress. If I were allowing myself to do any shopping before next paycheck I would grab this. So please somebody snatch it up since I can’t!

Collarless Faux Shearling Coat – $39.80 (50% off with code FLASH)

Mineral Wash Dress – $15.90 (50% off with code FLASH)

Colorblocked Scoop Neck Sweater – $24.80 (50% off with code FLASH)

Contrast Trim Popover Top – $22.90 (50% off with code FLASH)

Chenille Crop Top – $29.90 (50% off with code FLASH)

Collared Zip-Front Vest – $19.90 (50% off with code FLASH)

Marled Shag Sweater – $27.80 (50% off with code FLASH)

This is my other favorite…so comfy…so warm…so trendy & chic & cute all at once…sigh…

Anyways I hope y’all are as pumped for Friday as I am…Goodnight and have a great weekend 🙂



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