Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Weekend has come and gone (GBA - God Bless America, duh - TBH)...and for some reason here in America we decide to salute those that have chosen to defend all of us - yes even those of us dumb enough to put 'Trump'...or any political bumper sticker on their car, for that matter -... Continue Reading →



Why does it seem that I get so much more done when I am swamped in classes and a zillion other things, than when I have nothing going on? I guess there is probably a perfectly reasonable psychological reason for this that I perhaps should know-especially after 5 years of wonderful education on the subject-but... Continue Reading →

Rich Thoughts…on Rich Kids

Feelings after #RKOBH ... I'm no posh spice but...I've never used the word posh and racetrack in the same sentence. With that said, I'm always down for a crown or tiara moment so. Yea. I have to say...I'm surprised at how many times the word "hooker" has been used during this season so far haha.... Continue Reading →

[Witty And/Or Inspirational Title]

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. It's starting to get so warm outside...I'm talking swimming outside because it is that hot/humid. I'm not mad and I will not complain about it any time soon ever. On that note I'm going to get some fresh air and sunshine 🙂 enjoyyy this beautiful sunshine!   xoxo!... Continue Reading →

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