Rich Thoughts…on Rich Kids

Feelings after #RKOBH …

 photo B3062B0C-4D0A-464D-839E-092FA3A44A85_zpshfwttppy.jpg
I’m no posh spice but…I’ve never used the word posh and racetrack in the same sentence. With that said, I’m always down for a crown or tiara moment so. Yea.

I have to say…I’m surprised at how many times the word “hooker” has been used during this season so far haha. Did not expect that coming into RKOBH. Seriously strong high class escort hooker vibes happening here. Those parts of this season just make me want to fast forward and get any hooker knowledge I need from The Girlfriend Experience or whatever that show is. Anyways…the entire ~Latin money~ part of this season is just ugh. Moving on.

Jonny was my favorite this episode. And Morgan and Brendan’s mockup wedding table. Everyone else was lovely too but really I just can’t wait to see Dorothy open palm bitch slap Bianca next week (that’s supposed to happen right?!).

Alright that was quite a half assed review but there were just way too many #hooker vibes happening to keep it to myself. Off to find some caviar to pry open with a fork or butter knife a la EJ.

 photo A5BA3D22-55C1-40F5-B64E-A34656743F19_zpss9l1i4ya.jpg

 photo 483F0E12-D0FF-4308-9C7D-156CB08B4C47_zps4wcseucc.jpg

 photo 51D2747E-3760-45EA-9675-BDCBD58F7A20_zpsvt2bvf98.jpg

 photo A30DC71F-2707-42A5-9310-7F30D81E39AC_zpsys9syyxq.jpg

 photo 43C4BE04-3ED1-4803-AB0E-CA4E89746F82_zpswcg3ntfc.png




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