Why does it seem that I get so much more done when I am swamped in classes and a zillion other things, than when I have nothing going on? I guess there is probably a perfectly reasonable psychological reason for this that I perhaps should know-especially after 5 years of wonderful education on the subject-but it escapes me at the moment. I certainly want to get a bunch of crap done. But it seems…it just isn’t happening. Too much time on my hands = too much sitting around.

Things that I have accomplished since being out of class:

      • caught two fish (!!!!) on a fishing charter/guide/whatever with Nick! (No need to point this out, but of course he caught more than me)
      • memorizing the Meet the Hoopers jingle on ESPN (obviously not by my choosing)
      • reminiscing on all the terrible fashion moments on *vintage* episodes of KUWTK
      • be completely overwhelmingly impressed by the fashion progress that’s been made on KUWTK
      • wanting every single lip color and fashion moment Kourtney has had
      • filling up every single online shopping cart, only to not purchase a damn thing
      • write out a schedule to get things accomplished
      • take a benchmark GRE test (yay! I actually did something!)

 photo 46965937-DF3B-446B-8B69-FAB44181CEF6_zpsuknwyo1w.jpg

      • caught two fish on a fishing charter
      • made an obscene amount of margaritas on Cinco De Mayo
      • get some new painting supplies
      • realize that I’ve totally mastered the ombre hair look with no actual intentions of doing so (it’s called being broke. when you can’t afford high lights or low lights your hair just *magically* appears this way)
      • grow a deep, deep hatred for facebook (never argue with crazy people on FB! Even when they’re terrible terrible ignorant people. Just block them instead. Or be like me and never go on it again…insert sassy emoji here)
      • realize you can’t get rid of facebook because it’s one of your only links to friends and family (that you actually like) that lives far, far away
      • create a completely devilishly delicious new mac and cheese recipe that involves a shit ton of gruyere, aged cheddar (sooo much classier than regular cheddar) and (wait for it…) cherry wood bacon. Talk about classing up your store brand box of shells and cheese.
      • realize how incredibly out of shape I am

 photo D6A2E960-84FB-405A-BF58-8C262FC0D66D_zpsdhqnb8ng.jpg

    • start working out
    • stop working out
    • start working out again!
    • contemplate how long I can go without getting a new gel mani
    • contemplate all the times I thought I was broke but realizing I had no idea
    • contemplating all the money I’ve wasted over the years
    • contemplating all the bags/clothes I could sell online
    • realized raising Scooter is *almost* a full time job and that I should be paid by the government for being a stay at home (cat) mom
    • consciously started drinking so much more water!
    • stop drinking enough water
    • watched so many terrible movies (is Netflix where movies go to die?! Their originals are top notch-mostly-but the movies? stop.) I can’t remember most of them (or at least I’m trying to forget) but the main one was Tale of Tales. This was on demand. I paid to watch this shit. I won’t say much but what I will say is this…a significant part of the movie is an oversized flea. K.
    • baked a few things that were ehh.
    • pinned and screenshotted a shit ton of fancy delicious looking things
    • screenshotted a shit ton of inspiration for painting
    • retrieved 2 of Scooter’s lost poof balls
    • I also spent a lot of time at the beach. Zero regrets with that one.

 photo 0CBBA8FF-1663-4201-93E6-6AC2CA1DBB7D_zpsdpp4r7hg.jpg

 photo 3393D149-E1B8-4D2E-B53D-A6BC9E89A3D6_zpsh7lhgwte.jpg

 photo 5FA1E1B7-3374-4F3E-9394-EE579D7CF0E1_zpsliuy5fxe.jpg

 photo B10EA6AA-5B2B-4FE7-98FC-D9040110AFAA_zpsvsn2tidg.jpg

 photo EC7238AE-3DBD-49FB-BE27-34F40F963A15_zpsnkvb7vtg.jpg

 photo 37E7FA5E-F3FD-475C-B00C-CE2061B8D9C3_zps2ele6udk.jpg

  • also watched a bunch of sad, rainy, cold snap chats from my friends elsewhere (I’ll reserve my laughter, but I have to make a serious suggestion to all those people: move away. move far, far away and go somewhere warmer and sunnier. Preferably with nice people!)
  • started following about 20 new instagrammers and snapchatters so I can be inspired jealous of their beautiful hair/skin, in-shape body, hilarious captions, and crazy world travels

With all that said, here’s hoping that I get a little bit more accomplished soon! I start my next class at the very end of May. Before that Nick’s mom is paying us a visit and I will be visiting my mom and aunt for a wonderfully relaxing (not really deserved lol) spa day! Wish me luck as I try to follow my new schedule and get some studying/painting/tanning/working out accomplished!





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