Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Weekend has come and gone (GBA – God Bless America, duh – TBH)…and for some reason here in America we decide to salute those that have chosen to defend all of us – yes even those of us dumb enough to put ‘Trump’…or any political bumper sticker on their car, for that matter – well, we have decided it’s best to celebrate these individuals and their awesome military families by eating questionable meat shaped into a long skinny form, aka “hot dogs”, and shopping.


Oh yes, nothing makes me think land of the free and home of the brave more than the email I received from Forever 21 this past weekend touting deals starting at $3. I mean, holy hell. There are certainly moments when I’m desperate for a shopping fix but $3?! Do you need that terrible tank top that will last for two washes that bad? Could you maybe stand to save up and buy a *more expensive* one? Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t really need that tank top…or any new tank top…because your closet is full – just like mine is – and you could donate a couple bucks to saving the elephants or giraffes or even human children?

Ok anyways I just had to take a step back and take all of this in and reflect for a moment. I know that companies use any holiday as an excuse to up the ante in their marketing and sales and yadda yadda so it’s nothing against MDW, but like I said…I had to reflect.

ANYWAYS…since trying to clean out my closet and give some of my more ~favorite children~ of my closet…Michael Kors bags, Tory Burch shoes…etc…a nice, new, loving home, I’ve subconsciously done way way less shopping. Also, there’s the small detail that I have zero money, zero income, that whole thing. (MINOR detail people). With all of that said, if I do consider doing any shopping which is unusually rare for me these days…I try to make sure it’s something worth having. I know virtually nothing about economics, except that I got a C+ in AP macro-economics and AP micro-economics (thank you to whichever fairy godmother worked that out for me…serious miracle)…I know nothing about economics, but I do know that whatever you buy will never be worth as much as it was to you in that store, in that moment, for that price…You will never make your money back on Michael Kors. There’s just too much out there on the market. You will always lose money in that deal. Ok, obviously this doesn’t apply to something vintage, rare, whatever, that everyone and their great-great-grandmother covet, but nobody can get their hands on. So I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m over that ~trendy~ Forever 21 top for $26 (or $3!) and a little more into the $42 basic tee that may last me a decade (or more?!). It is not lost on me that all of this wisdom may just be a byproduct of my recent lack of income and therefore shopping funds…but I do still believe it is wisdom nonetheless. (Also, I think it’s worth stating that I will find a way to pay $12 for that basic tee via sales, discounts, whatever, instead of the full $42…)

Wow that felt like a tangent…but an applicable one somehow. What I’m trying to say is I’m not guilt-free and I totally did some shopping on Monday and I feel pretty into my purchases. Here-a-sale, there-a-sale, everywhere-a-sale…well that’s how I felt. Seriously there were great deals everywhere.

I hope y’all had a great Memorial Day Weekend and took a moment to think about the actual reason for the holiday and day off 🙂




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