Inspiración Memphis

As y'all may I am headed to Memphis! (Cue the Walking in Memphis music and jokes right about now) Since I'm a no-longer-employed person I only get so many trips/flights/adventures nowadays so to say I'm excited would be the understatement of an eternity. I get to see my brother for the first time since THANKSGIVING... Continue Reading →


Summertime Happy Jams

So as we dive into June, I've been really committed to working out, eating healthy...just feeling good and looking good too (hey, I'm not here to lie to anyone). With that can make or break a workout/road trip/outing for me. I go through phases with Pandora where I'm really really into it and other... Continue Reading →

You Want Joggers? I Present Joggers.

I promised and...I am here to deliver 🙂 Here are some adorable joggers that I would definitely want to see hanging in my closet. So adorably comfy and perfect for the upcoming sweltering South Carolina heat. They look so breezy and like I want to live in them! These stripes? Gimme! These ones are only... Continue Reading →

Little White Bag

Let's say for a second that you miraculously choose to not wear black on black on black for a second-or a is almost summertime now! If you're looking to ~brighten up~ your summer wardrobe with a lighter...WHITER bag there are some magical ones on sale right now...check out the ones that've caught my eye... Continue Reading →

Joggers, Lovely Joggers

As I mentioned the other day, I was not completely innocent over MDW and I did a little shopping. One of the gems I found were these lovely Seaside Pants, as J Crew so lovingly has named them. Personally they look and seem to me like joggers...and hence my purchase of the beauties. As someone who... Continue Reading →

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