Joggers, Lovely Joggers

As I mentioned the other day, I was not completely innocent over MDW and I did a little shopping. One of the gems I found were these lovely Seaside Pants, as J Crew so lovingly has named them. Personally they look and seem to me like joggers…and hence my purchase of the beauties.

 photo 16FCF925-D587-4E7C-8A7D-4880C2784925_zpsyxj2brlz.jpeg

As someone who has been very ~into~ joggers for awhile now, their sudden explosion in popularity couldn’t make me happier.

 photo 59EBA4AB-336D-4588-9C47-33F66A50AA1D_zps7ybquaex.jpeg

You’re welcome world for the little part I’d like to think I played in increasing their impact on the world we live in today. I’ll take any form of joggers. Silky joggers. Cotton joggers. Sweaty joggers. Hmm…sweatpants joggers?! I hope you’re getting the picture here.

If you still aren’t on the jogger train…hop on my friend, hop on. How can something that feels like pajamas, scrubs, sometimes even sweats, ever be wrong? Especially when it looks so. Damn. Good. They are everywhere. Steppin’ out with stilettoes, Suitin’ up with…well, suits.

 photo E5A5E9D5-338D-4B2A-BDE0-80C238B4DC30_zpscf51lhts.jpg

 photo 9C604764-D0A9-4D8D-940B-515EAD177EDF_zpsub5spv08.jpg

 photo BB70C4AF-ECE1-44CB-B55E-BF5075675337_zpsrb79qdl6.jpg

 photo 140C3B94-C775-445A-AC05-8409837CC558_zpsmejovr8n.jpg

Ok, that’s enough of that word play. Seriously though they are everywhere. And if you were to think this look is only for the ladies, hold your horses my friends and review the following holy spectacles.

 photo 78003320-8BC4-44A4-A962-CB0C810DA742_zpsadwkvejd.jpg

 photo 6D8B17FD-108B-4647-A20F-BB6DBF51AF10_zpswxrp2bru.jpg

 photo 1673D7AB-577B-4575-9776-0D4316F985D9_zpslxddnjj3.jpg

 photo 75D1751A-CC39-4DB6-8993-B23433927FCD_zpsvjeqbfbg.jpg

Any golfers? Fans? Wannabes? May I present Rickie Fowler anyone?

 photo 79CA3C4B-2A1D-41A4-90AB-8281EEA4B0E2_zpsvgz6jvzx.jpg

 photo 6E9660B2-04C9-41FE-B04F-D008A0AEF75A_zpsu0ugxjzh.jpg

I mean, do you see the beauty? He may be a golfer but he understands the beauty of a fitted ankle. No, this look is not for the cankle-cursed out there. However, if you have the thinner ankles that the cankle-cursed would kill for, go for the majesty that is jogger pants. Actually if you do have cankles put these bad boys on anyways and tell everyone to suck it. There, #isaidit …Seriously. Do it.

I think I’ll be sharing some of my favorites that I find with y’all. Hope you’re getting back into the swing of things after this long weekend. We had our first class meeting Tuesday and the instructor never showed up so we were told by the department head to just ~hang out~ for an hour and a half until somebody else could come to go over lab safety. SIGH. Talk about an interesting crowd. NOT judging. Ok in all honesty, hope this four-day week isn’t too much of a struggle for the rest of y’all 🙂



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