You Want Joggers? I Present Joggers.

I promised and…I am here to deliver 🙂

Here are some adorable joggers that I would definitely want to see hanging in my closet. So adorably comfy and perfect for the upcoming sweltering South Carolina heat. They look so breezy and like I want to live in them!

 photo A688B6F3-343D-4A20-AE12-7166C1D29F53_zpse8aggzll.jpegThese stripes? Gimme!

 photo D8CB6E95-C086-407D-9FAE-51250CE63C66_zpsgcshwtbs.jpeg

These ones are only $80 soo…there’s that!

 photo 41EDE65C-7EF9-4F92-BDD1-51DAC71634A1_zps2gv49blw.jpeg

Aaaaaaand these bad boys are only $79…

 photo D93E8841-6F2A-4A46-A230-E523FD0410E0_zpslnhsndhm.jpeg

Well damn! These are only $72.

These are all from Revolve (can you tell I have a big fat, lady crush on them?), but there are so so many others out there. They have so many people. And so many on sale. That’s fate telling you do dive on in and get a pair!

Here are a pair from Madewell that are great. They have a few different colors but the light chambray ones are on sale ($49!).

 photo 8BDD9252-2876-47EF-BB59-048365D5B21C_zpsut0zvroh.jpeg

I, personally, cannot pull off a saggy crotch, but by all means…do not let me or anyone else stop you from a saggy crotch, if that’s something you’re into!

 photo C5DCE8E1-A1FE-4ACD-B227-AE320275BBEC_zpsxukinmrd.jpeg

I would also probably be cautious if purchasing a pair of white jogger pants. A lot of these pants are thin – and so so damn comfy – and therefore unless you plan on wearing your swimsuit underneath or perhaps showing your naughty bits to everyone around (I don’t know your life), I’d make sure I’m choosing a thicker pair.

I hope y’all are enjoying June and ready for full. On. Summer. But you should seriously look into a pair…or maybe more 🙂



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