Summertime Happy Jams

So as we dive into June, I’ve been really committed to working out, eating healthy…just feeling good and looking good too (hey, I’m not here to lie to anyone). With that said…music can make or break a workout/road trip/outing for me. I go through phases with Pandora where I’m really really into it and other times where I’m pretty…not into Pandora…it just depends. Sometimes you give one artist a thumbs up and suddenly Pandora assumes you’re like camping out to get tickets to their concerts or something. Just no. Also, while I’m thinking about it, Pandora also doesn’t understand that I don’t and will never, like CCR. (Get over it Pandora! Stop pushing your CCR agenda on me!)

With that said…sometimes I use an app called 8tracks and I cannot recommend it enough. My favorite part is that users make the mixes and all you have to do is search by an artist, a song, even just keywords (like study, relaxation…) and you find playlists! The playlists can be short, long, whatever…once one playlist finishes whatever was next from the search you recovered goes ahead and plays next. I love it because I have to assume that whoever is making these playlists (not me obviously) is like younger and/or cooler than me and they have discovered some incredible music! And 99% of the time that is the case. They also have the best remixes that you will find so in terms of working out…it’s great. Then I have the inspiration and because my wifi doesn’t work in most of my own damn apartment (another rant for another time) I go off and download all of the recently discovered-and loved-music. OH, and the best part of this app…no CCR yet 😉

So here is my ultimate summertime happiness jam playlist. (In addition to working out it’s completely appropriate to drink, boat, beach, tan, and just otherwise enjoy this playlist!)

  1. windows are rolled down – Amos Lee
  2. look it here – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
  3. beast of burden – The Rolling Stones
  4. I need never get old – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
  5. fire and the flood – Vance Joy
  6. from eden – Hozier
  7. lover come back – City and Colour
  8. Jackie and Wilson – Hozier
  9. gorgeous – X Ambassadors
  10. shots – Imagine Dragons
  11. under your spell – Desire
  12. roses (feat. ROZES) – The Chainsmokers
  13. good day – Nappy Roots
  14. Budapest – George Ezra
  15. having a good day – Benj Heard
  16. can’t stop the feeling! – Justin Timberlake
  17. I bet my life – Imagine Dragons
  18. hold my hand – Jess Glynne
  19. I took a pill in Ibiza (Seeb remix) – Mike Posner

Obviously some of these are not new but they definitely help complete the happy tunes theme that is this playlist. Enjoy the happy tunes & happy Tuesday!



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