In case y’all need some inspiration…

Happy Thursday!! I hope January is going well for everyone... I'm sure everyone is sticking to their resolutions and 2017 goals 😉 Haha. So far January has been going well for me...keeping up in classes, volunteering...perhaps starting to work? We will see... Mostly I'm planning out all the trips I have this summer and friends... Continue Reading →


Words I Never Thought I’d Say…

I made macarons. I can't believe it. Ok I can believe I made them, but, y'all...they actually turned out ok. I made macarons and they turned out...pretty dang alright. Some might even say...good. Those are the words I never thought I'd say. First off...for anyone who has seen my pinterest my love of these basic,... Continue Reading →


OH MY GOODNESS. Happy 2017 you beautiful creatures! Despite the hilarious memes and panic-inducing facebook posts I've seen way too much of 2016 was goooooood. Real good. Sorry not sorry 🙂 I spent it in a beautiful, incredibly happy new city. Spent it all with my love and my lil kitty bub. Got great... Continue Reading →

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