Happy 2017 you beautiful creatures!

Despite the hilarious memes and panic-inducing facebook posts I’ve seen way too much of lately…my 2016 was goooooood. Real good. Sorry not sorry 🙂

I spent it in a beautiful, incredibly happy new city. Spent it all with my love and my lil kitty bub. Got great grades (alliteration). Reevaluated my career/life goals again…and again and again. Started the year happy and hopeful and finished the year happy and hopeful.

So here we are, a week into 2017 and I have a plan for the year. I wonder how many times I’ll change the plan, rechange it, rethink it…and reevaluate my goals. For now I’m feelin good about it though.

With that said, I won’t share some list of resolutions or goals here. I hope y’all stick to your resolutions and keep your goals in mind throughout the year. Reevaluate them if you have to! Change your goals! Then change them again! Don’t keep working towards something you don’t really feel.

Anyways…enough inspirational mumbo jumbo. Classes start again tomorrow and it’s back to that full time, full on grind.

Good luck in 2017!!




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