Words I Never Thought I’d Say…

I made macarons. I can’t believe it. Ok I can believe I made them, but, y’all…they actually turned out ok. I made macarons and they turned out…pretty dang alright. Some might even say…good. Those are the words I never thought I’d say. First off…for anyone who has seen my pinterest my love of these basic, uppity, cute, festive, just perfectly petite cookies is pretty evident.

I’ve had all the supplies for these cookies (except a very important kitchen tool, actually, but more on that later)  for months. I’m talking…since, like, spring break. I intended to make them over break then but that clearly didn’t happen. I tried to give the baking supplies to my brother but he said, “don’t let your dreams be dreams” a la Shia Labeouf, so I decided to follow that wisdom.


As I mentioned, if you head to my pinterest you’ll see a ton of different recipes and methods. At the last minute I ended up finding this site and it was the recipe I mostly followed. My main thoughts: I believe their post calls for almond meal? Not sure. Anyways I used almond flour. Also…I mentioned I was missing a very key piece of equipment for this recipe. That key piece would be a mixer. A standing mixer or handheld/electric mixer. That’s right. I mixed by hand. With a whisk. For an hour. Possibly longer. With that said…when it comes to mixing up that meringue mine never reached the point they describe in the recipe…they call for “stiff peaks”…yea…after an hour plus of mixing it was kind of more of a solid, barely raised peak. Plateau? Not sure. But I took a risk and mixed that consistency in with the flour/sugar mix and proceeded. (Like I said…I was pretty shocked that they turned out so lovely!)

 photo 2D00E2C6-20CD-49A0-82F4-A5A03D00E2F0_zpsdzc9gwhb.jpg

After that, you’re supposed to let the little cookie dew drop babies sit on the tray for 30-60 minutes. I would say I did that for about 45 minutes? There weren’t any bubbles and they looked fine so I went ahead and threw them in the oven.

 photo 6FF37615-1798-457B-BE2E-2D5CBA5D676D_zpspijvyhfr.jpg

Things got a little funky here…I had two different trays at two different heights in the oven. One tray (dark metal, placed lower down) made the cookies look a little collapsed. The other tray (light painted metal?, placed higher up) had the cookies come out perfectly!

 photo 9153E260-040D-4738-A959-24BEB7129B7E_zpsxqaj02fi.jpg

After I took them out of the oven I wanted them to cool a bit before I peeled them off the wax paper. (I was also distracted by Game of Thrones happening haha). I’m not sure what was the proper way to do this but the cookies ended up COMPLETELY SOLIDIFIED to the wax paper. It was a problem. I had to google what to do to fix it. Luckily, LiveStrong came through in the clutch and had a helpful little article for me. Umm…thank you Lance Armstrong? Anyways. I peeled the wax paper off the metal trays and placed a dish towel in each tray and filled it up with hot hot hot water and placed the wax paper over top of it. After a few seconds most of the cookies were pretty easy to pull off. Some still stuck 😦

Looking back now, I could probably have stuck the wax paper and trays in the fridge for 24 hours and maybe that would’ve helped? Oh well. Some cookies were lost in this process. They will not soon be forgotten. RIP delicious cookies.

 photo 9CD8BA0C-F133-4FD5-9743-5330E230A89B_zpsenozqvna.jpg

I didn’t create any creative fillings because I was just trying to get the intimidatingly difficult cookies just right. Therefore, I just used fruit preserves, apple butter, and Nutella for filling.

I read online that after you put the filling in and make the adorable little suckers, that they’re actually better the next day…they couldn’t be more right! I mean, I ate quite a few immediately and they were great. BUT, the rest went in the fridge overnight and were even better. And that is why they did not last more than 24 hours.

 photo 0CA41CCB-1CB9-445B-92F0-7F5CCA904598_zpsuxesv7ym.jpg

Another side note…for my cookie recipe I used 2 drops of blue food coloring and a few drops of vanilla to give the cookies a tasty, but simple, flavor and look. Because of the almond flour the cookies ended up looking light green. I wasn’t mad or concerned but just something to note next time I suppose.

 photo DF77E136-76A6-4463-B6EC-77137AF8964C_zpsoq3b7gvn.jpg

I hope this post inspires you to try something crazy, and as my brother and Shia Labeouf said, “Don’t let your dreams be dreams!”

Hope y’all are having a great week!



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