My Old Dominion

Drumroll please! It's official! I am a South Carolina resident. I think I can guess what you're thinking now... "but...didn't you move there over a year ago?!" Why, yes! Yes I did. But due to certain difficulties mixed with procrastination (I swear there were legitimate difficulties mixed in with that hardcore procrastination!), it has... Continue Reading →


Uh oh…Nordy’s at it Again…

Saturday Post?! Whaaaat?! I know. I'm so wild. But I just couldn't resist...Nordstrom has so many amazing pieces on sale right now that are really just ideal for spring-which is right around the corner, y'all! Some of these pieces are price matched so they may come back up soon...looks like you'll have no excuse but to... Continue Reading →

TRUE Comfort

Happy Saint Patrick's Day friends! St. Patrick's day is close to my heart because it was actually my due for my actual birth! Of course I didn't make an appearance for a couple more days but I always used it as a sort of mark of the beginning of my birthday celebrations. (Particularly in... Continue Reading →

My Fantasy…

WARDROBE that is! Let's pretend for a moment that I'm going on a magical cruise, or all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas (ahh, to be employed and have that disposable income like I once did...) (pics from Bahamas)'s what I would pack for my fantasy  trip 🙂 A floral dress...because duh. An additional floral dress,... Continue Reading →

This Weather.

SMH. Can't. (What other questionable and/or basic things can I stick in here to show how strongly I feel about it?!) I had family here for Christmas. You know, that holiday at the end of December? We had our porch doors open. I can't definitively say that the air conditioning was on but the heat... Continue Reading →

In Case You’re in the Mood spend that is. JUST in case you were looking for some deals, or possibly more importantly...places to spend your tax refund online 😉 ... Here are some pretty darling, perfect-for-spring, on-trend, "looks-for-less" type pieces that (hopefully) won't take up that whole refund! Beaded Tassel Earrings $345.00 - I love me some turquoise beads but...I mean...they're... Continue Reading →

It’s Personal.

With many a wedding under my belt...and many more coming up...I have to admit that I'm not too shabby at finding good gifts for brides. While my budget has always (annoyingly) controlled the extent to which I'm able to "shower" the bride, I've always preferred the more personal touches. With that said I'd like to... Continue Reading →

In Honor…

...of my poor, poor damaged feet. Shall I explain? So be it. This past weekend was my dear friend's bachelorette party. It was an amazing, superb, awesome adventure and it surpassed all my expectations (and the bride-to-be's)! If I could change one thing, it would be more scheduled naps. Haha. I'm serious. I felt like... Continue Reading →

Raise Your Glasses to…

My new layout 🙂 This magical piece of internet needed a little facelift and I'm a fan of the new look. I hope y'all had a great weekend and enjoy this new little space! I can't wait to share some great little nugs of joy here. xo

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