In Honor…

…of my poor, poor damaged feet. Shall I explain? So be it.

This past weekend was my dear friend’s bachelorette party. It was an amazing, superb, awesome adventure and it surpassed all my expectations (and the bride-to-be’s)! If I could change one thing, it would be more scheduled naps. Haha. I’m serious. I felt like there would be too much down time when putting together the trip for everyone, but in reality…we were going, going, going! With that said…it was still amazing!

Getting back to my feet…(should I have put a disclaimer at the beginning of this post regarding the number of times I would use the word, “feet?” Ok, I’ll try to limit it)… the final night of the trip/party/extravaganza was filled with drinking and dancing and walking. And when I say, “dancing,” I do not use the term lightly. I’m talking DJ and a restaurant full of folks with not a single one dancing! Except moi, that is. I danced and danced…and danced some more. And of course tried to get every single person there with us to join us. (Perhaps it was the drag show we went to prior to this bar that inspired this in me? Can’t be sure…) We also circled this bar a few times before entering, noticing how long every. single. bar’s. line. was. My goodness.

So to say my feet are damaged is perhaps even an understatement. As someone who was a figure skater, as well as a ballerina, I can honestly say…I may need wound care. Is that normal? I’d also like to point out that it was definitely me-the wearer-and not the shoes because I’ve worn these beautiful shoes before and had zero issues. It was the never-ending level of dance activity I was attempting-haha. As Vince Vaughn’s character in Wedding Crashers says, “Why’d I have to go showing off like that?!”

Ok, enough with the graphics. I started this post with the intention of sharing some adorable, beautiful, cool, platform shoes…that could perhaps save your little feet should you decide to dance for hours and hours…and hours.

So here they are (in order of price…) ENJOY! 🙂









I genuinely think that the platform aspect of wedges can truly save your feet.

RIP to my beautiful, sturdy feet. Next time I will be much more cautious of my dance wear for my feet.



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