It’s Personal.

With many a wedding under my belt…and many more coming up…I have to admit that I’m not too shabby at finding good gifts for brides.

While my budget has always (annoyingly) controlled the extent to which I’m able to “shower” the bride, I’ve always preferred the more personal touches. With that said I’d like to share some amazing personalized gift ideas. These are perfect for a bride, a sister, a friend…and really just anyone who appreciates the little details. Of course, monograms aren’t right for everyone (and I know there are those who strongly protest them…my family being from South Carolina…I don’t share this sentiment, haha…) which is why I shared some other non-monogrammed-details!

monogram ring

Subtle…yet sparkly! And sure to pull together any look.

Hartford_Post_grandeA couple years ago Moon and Lola had some of their products for sale through Nordstrom – do they still? I’m not sure. – and I scooped up a version of these earrings with my monogram in lime. SO cute.

Vannes_Earrings_0dc0f483-3a1c-4698-bb37-2ca16579ce07_grandeAnd these beauties with the bling! I mean c’mon!!

Chesire_Rimmed_Necklace_grandeSome monograms…of course!



I love how different this necklace is…class monogram, but…slightly less basic 🙂

metal_engraved_bar_with_date_grandeAnd, of course…if monograms aren’t for you at all!


And if you’re interested in staying away from the jewelry department there’s these beauties…


I absolutely LOVE how classic and chic this phone case is. (Seriously…like…may have to get this. It IS almost my birthday, after all!)


Kate Spade has several beautiful bags that you can personalize…just check out the Monogram options below…

kate spade 2

If you’re on the search for a personalized gift for someone special I hope these help you…or at least inspire you for the next time you’re on such a mission. And, if you’re feeling generous, maybe throw two in your cart-one with my monogram! 🙂



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