In Case You’re in the Mood

…to spend that is. JUST in case you were looking for some deals, or possibly more importantly…places to spend your tax refund online 😉 … Here are some pretty darling, perfect-for-spring, on-trend, “looks-for-less” type pieces that (hopefully) won’t take up that whole refund!

Beaded Tassel Earrings

oscar de la renta

$345.00 – I love me some turquoise beads but…I mean…they’re just beads…

marley lilly earrings

$24.99 – c’mon, how can you argue with that?

Chambray Flounce Dress

catherine chambray.png

$118.00 – Cute and on trend. The only difference (I think?) is that this dress looks a little darker than the other two…Hard to tell online though!

lulus chambray

$59.00 – This one is gorgeous and looks pretty similar to the one below, except the ruffle looks a little shorter…otherwise verrryyy similar!

forever 21 dress

$22.90 – I have this dress 🙂 And I LOVE this dress. Enough said.

Floral Wrap Dress

revolve black wrap

$283.00 – I cannot tell a lie…this is beautiful.

shein floral wrap

$31.00 – But…with this one I could get some new shoes too 🙂

Leopard Zip Clutch

leopard one

$245.00 – I can already envision the classic denim-and-white-tee outfits I could spruce up with this…

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

$42.00 – But with this bag I could also get a new denim-and-white-tee ensemble!

Aaaaanyways…hope y’all enjoy those little gems and had a great weekend!



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