This Weather.

SMH. Can’t. (What other questionable and/or basic things can I stick in here to show how strongly I feel about it?!)

I had family here for Christmas. You know, that holiday at the end of December? We had our porch doors open. I can’t definitively say that the air conditioning was on but the heat was definitely not.

Fast forward.

Snow. In South Carolina. And rain. So much rain. And suddenly my “trench coat mafia” style PARKA seems perfectly reasonable for a girl in Charleston, South Carolina. But in all honesty, it’s like that damn thing is hugging me and telling me it’ll all be ok as I trudge into class or the grocery store.

If you are up in Jersey, or Boston, or DC…please excuse my fragile thermal capabilities. I’m the girl whose toes are numb if it drops to 67 degrees. Don’t hate me-fear for my extremities if my circulation continues on this path.

Complaining done. At least, I think… haha. Seriously though, life is great and I hope if you have the day off at home, that you have lots of fuzzy blankets, a fire in the fire place, some furry animal babies to cuddle, and lots and lots of delicious snacks. Oh and good movies. Very important.

Happy snow day 🙂



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