My Fantasy…

WARDROBE that is!

Let’s pretend for a moment that I’m going on a magical cruise, or all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas (ahh, to be employed and have that disposable income like I once did…)

(pics from Bahamas)

ANYWHO…here’s what I would pack for my fantasy  trip 🙂

revolve blue floral dress

A floral dress…because duh.

shein floral dress

An additional floral dress, because you just really never know how many you may need on said fantasy getaway.

tassel dress.png

This multi-colored tassel dress is just adorable and would really make my little tan POP…Just sayin.

polka dot top.png

This top is ADORABLE and I’m currently arguing with that little voice inside my head to not purchase it RIGHT THIS SECOND. AHH  INNER STRUGGLES.

revolve jeans

A fresh pair of jeans never hurts and I love how slim and simple these ones are. They don’t look too low rise which is right up my alley.


I could not possibly care LESS the price on these shoes. They are giving me strong mermaid vibes and I would pack them for every vacay ever to occur for the entirety of my LIFE if I had them 🙂




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