TRUE Comfort

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day friends! St. Patrick’s day is close to my heart because it was actually my due date…like for my actual birth! Of course I didn’t make an appearance for a couple more days but I always used it as a sort of mark of the beginning of my birthday celebrations. (Particularly in college. Man…I totally can not hang anymore hahaha).

With that said I hope y’all either have some green on, or are not surrounded by assholes that will pinch you today. For real. Personal space people!

In other news…did y’all see my (basic) car selfie yesterday?

My mom gave me this sweatshirt when I was visiting her last and it is seriously soooo comfy.

This one isn’t for sale anymore, but here are some other suuuuuper comfy choices:) …and let’s be honest…with this crazy weather going on you could seriously use some comfy clothing! Haha


sleepy sundays

weekend warrior

Or if that cute, quirky writing isn’t your thing…here’s one of their simple – but I’m sure just as amazingly comfy – hoodies.


Hope y’all have a great weekend!



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