My Old Dominion

Drumroll please!

It’s official! I am a South Carolina resident.

I think I can guess what you’re thinking now… “but…didn’t you move there over a year ago?!” Why, yes! Yes I did. But due to certain difficulties mixed with procrastination (I swear there were legitimate difficulties mixed in with that hardcore procrastination!), it has taken me until just this week to get my license and registration/tags completed. No more ridin’ dirty for me! Haha. I honestly can’t believe it actually went painlessly at the DMV (this time…see, I told you there were legitimate difficulties!)

If I’m being honest I’m actually feeling kind of sad/nostalgic for my Virginia. I was so ready to get out of there and love love love life down here (don’t get me wrong), but now that I have the license and tags…its real! I’m sure Nick would say, “no duh it’s real. We drove a uhaul down here over a year ago and you’ve been in school for over a year…” But…now it’s really really real!

With that said here’s a list of some of my favorite favorite things to do in Virginia, should you be lucky enough to find yourself in the beautiful, majestic place πŸ™‚

  • JMU football game (aka tailgaiting all day!)
  • Tysons mall (bring somebody elses credit card and just go crazy)
  • Apple picking in the Shenandoah (bring a camera for some adorably clichΓ© shots)

Inspecting the goods at #striblingorchard this morning 🌳🍎

A post shared by Ashley Sipe (@thisissipe) on

  • Wine tasting in the Shenandoah (or anywhere they offer that, actually)
  • (Pretty much anything in the Shenandoah is gonna be a YES for me, haha)
  • Difficult Run in Great Falls (beautiful view of the river and Maryland, plus fresh air, and you’re left with a great place to make some even greater memories!)

Freedom is a gift, get living…

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  • Brunching in the Fan in Richmond (so many adorable/delicious spots… so little time!)
  • Floating the river in Richmond! (Done this in many a city…needless to say I am always down to float a river with a cool beverage in hand πŸ™‚
  • Stroll Reston Town Center (summertime? Great! You can stroll all day-do some great shopping and eating! wintertime? get some great outdoor skating in! and of course some hot chocolate.)
  • Perusing (literally) anywhere in Charlottesville

Of course the list of the things I love about Virginia could go on forever. Virginia is where I did most of my “growing up,” and a lot of my “adulting” years….it will always hold a huge piece of my heart and be my true “home.”

As good ole’ TJ says in Hamilton, “Virginia, my home sweet home, I want to give you a kiss!” (South Carolina, I still love you-no need to fret!)

Hope y’all have a great weekend!



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