I hope y'all had an amazing weekend! This seems like the first weekend in awhile that I was able to stay at home and relax! Nick and I watched a lot of golf, and I was actually really productive. Getting lots of life things done and just being a grown up 🙂 I have to... Continue Reading →


Happy Saturday Happy People!

Wow! How has another summer week slipped by?! This past week I have finally managed to almost catch up on my MCAT studies...still a little behind, but that's bound to happen I assume? Haha...I hope so at least. Last weekend was so busy around here! A few of Nick's family came to visit, so we had... Continue Reading →

Perking up Your Workout Look

In honor of taking some new workout classes and being pretty consistent at it, I've bought some new workout clothes to *inspire* me when that 5am alarm goes off. There's a store here called Uptown Cheapskate that sells tons of clothes consignment...it's my theory that the college kids go home and get brand new clothes,... Continue Reading →


Yes; I live and breath! I've been MIA for awhile-mostly due to studying for the MCATS/classes/weddings/traveling/life in general. I was stalking some of my fave bloggers the past few days and just got the urge to get back into the swing of things...I guess that just happens sometimes. SIGH. This morning I've already worked out... Continue Reading →

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