Yes; I live and breath! I’ve been MIA for awhile-mostly due to studying for the MCATS/classes/weddings/traveling/life in general. I was stalking some of my fave bloggers the past few days and just got the urge to get back into the swing of things…I guess that just happens sometimes. SIGH. This morning I’ve already worked out (and this is the last time I will brag about this small feat-I swear!), grabbed starbucks for myself and the man, and online shopped…my bad. All of this productivity (can you count online shopping as productivity? Undecided…) gave me the oomph I needed to post a little sumthin’.

I start a new class in July that will not be a re-take…IE, will be completely FRESH material for me! And it’ll be on the MCAT I take at the end of the summer, which means…(drumroll)…I need to actually learn a few things. No cramming…actually retaining… it’s only a month long, as opposed to a full semester but hopefully the compressed schedule I’ve been on for the past year and a half has prepared me well.

It has been raining here (and all up and down the East coast it seems) for the past couple days which is giving me stroooong JMU vibes. I think I’ll need to bust out my rainboots and start dressing like a basic all over again. Yesterday downtown flooded so bad that I was literally (not using that word lightly here…I truly mean literally) wading through the street water (puke) up to my knees. I would’ve felt really sorry for myself if it weren’t for the elderly woman next to me with her walker, wading through it as well. Ok, maybe I felt a little sorry for myself. The real fear set in when I left the parking garage and had to drive through that same deep, flooded spot. My (newish) car is super low to the ground and it was truly a new adventure in anxiety/bravery/stupidity (?!) pushing through that flooded area! I made it through though and my car was driving fine the rest of the day and this morning (thank goodness).

Alright, enough “dear diary…” over here. I hope y’all have a great HUMP DAYYYY!!!!! I’ll be over here beginning my mcat torture study sesh for the day and dusting off my rainboots 🙂



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