Happy Saturday Happy People!

Wow! How has another summer week slipped by?! This past week I have finally managed to almost catch up on my MCAT studies…still a little behind, but that’s bound to happen I assume? Haha…I hope so at least.

Last weekend was so busy around here! A few of Nick’s family came to visit, so we had a full house AND a full schedule! I think I ate quadruple my body weight haha. Seriously we went a little crazy for food BUT…how can you not when there are so many amazing places to eat here! And you just want to share the deliciousity with everyone! Lol. With that said I have ZERO regrets about how much-or what-was consumed last weekend!

After such an indulgent weekend-it was actually Thursday through Monday…whoops!-we definitely tried getting back to our healthy everyday goals this past week. FOR EXAMPLE, I went to Whole Foods on Tuesday and stocked back up on my green smoothie ingredients, along with other good veggie type supplies. I tried a few new recipes, including zucchini boats with Death Valley ranch seasoning, black beans, and sautéed peppers AND carrots cooked in the oven with some paprika and turmeric. They were both BANGINNNNNN. I have to say…initially the carrots freaked me out because they kind of looked like sweet potato fries at first…but once you got past that…they were banginnnnnn…like I said haha. And those black beans mixed with the Death Valley ranch seasoning were MEANT to be put together! I mean…food soul mates situation. I’m gonna have to finagle that combo into some other dishes!

This past week I only managed to make it to workout once. Monday we still had guests, and Friday I was up until like 1 am HENCE that 5am alarm clock was NOT gonna happen. If it had, I would’ve spent all day Friday napping and that would NOT have been great for my productivity and trying to catch up on all my mental to-do lists.

I hope y’all had a great week and have a little fun planned this weekend…Happy Father’s day as well!!

ps – that is the AE tank I got on sale last week…please tell me how in the world I forgot I ordered neon pink and when I was opening it I expected to see a black tank and a white tank?! My brain is all mcat right now with no room for anything else clearly! Have to say that I love the tanks! Awesome material, but definitely have to wear another tank under or a sports bra if you plan on wearing them to anything besides working out/around the house…alsoooo the black one was definitely bigger/longer than the pink which was strange, but I don’t mind. I’ll still wear the crap outta them bahaha




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