I hope y’all had an amazing weekend! This seems like the first weekend in awhile that I was able to stay at home and relax! Nick and I watched a lot of golf, and I was actually really productive. Getting lots of life things done and just being a grown up 🙂

I have to say, I had pretty much zero shame when it came to eating what I wanted. A little Dunkin over here, a little Raising Canes over here…topped off with some Chinese food. MMMM can I relive it all now please?!

Now that the week has started I’m back on that productivity and workout grind, and trying to eat a healthy, wholesome, I-do-GAF diet…I make no promises though! HAha.

Here are some of my current obsessions…

  1. over-the-heel workout pants…I really like these ones in “Rich Navy/Black.” They’re also high waisted which I very much support. (Why do I feel like high waisted actually fits me normal?!) They have another pair that isn’t high waisted, but comes in gorgeous “Starburst/Stormy Heather,” and I am DIGGIN’ them!!!
  2. Compiling a list of all the things I will accomplish once I finish my med school apps. This will include-but is not limited to-many, many books, and just about everything on Netflix right now!
  3. Flexibility. Literally. Barre has made it very clear that I somehow have the flexibility of an overweight and out of shape 50 year old man. When I did dance and figure skating I was never the most flexible one there, but I wasn’t that terrible. I need to work on this.
  4. Meditation. I read an article that mentioned several studies that showed that meditation and yoga literally reverse genetic damage. AKA, decrease likelihood of cancer, disease, you name it. This is phenomenal. So whatever “meditation,” may mean to you specifically: reflection, prayer, yoga, mindfulness…MEDITATION…do it! You really can’t beat reversing damage done to your body. That’s some good and powerful medicine!
  5. Writing. This is probably just the overabundance of essay-ing happening for me right now…with that said…man, does it take finesse to build yourself up without sounding cocky! It also takes a special gift to “Be creative!” but “Don’t be too creative!” as many message boards online have advised. Haha. All the contradictory advice only proves you should probably just go with your gut!
  6. Instagram stories. Lately, just very superior feeling to snapchat. IDK. I truly think it’s just the pretty, glowing writing tool.
  7. Long, flowy skirts. Ever since seeing a girl downtown with Nick and his family, that was sporting a basic white tank top and a long, flowy orange skirt I’ve been searching! We went to anthro but all of their long skirts were secretly pants! I understand the cool appeal and that this is a summer trend…but every single one?! I know I could find some great options online but I just haven’t had time to search and I’m trying to limit my online shopping-even if it’s just window shopping.


Honestly that’s it! My mind is in science mode right now and that’s basically all it will be until Fall I think! Haha.

Hope y’all are settling in for a nice week. Happy Monday!



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