What a (Wet) Wild Weekend!

Despite all of this INSANE rain I had a great, great long weekend in Chapel Hill. My boyfriend and I got there Thursday night around dinner time and headed out in the rain planning to go to a cute, local, non-chain place, but ended up at Mellow Mushroom. C'mon it was right across the street!... Continue Reading →


Mumsy’s Birthday!!

Hi everyone! So yesterday was my dear ole Mumsy's birthday! And I think I really got her an awesome present. For me it's always tough buying presents for parents. As a broke 20-something with parents who just buy themselves whatever they want, and what's left to buy is big things that I just can't afford,... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Stocking

Since I have basically finished my holiday shopping, I'm forced to window shop. The beauty of that, however, is that you can window shop for yourself in the holiday season, and not feel guilty at all! With that said, check out my Fantasy stocking! (Yes, fantasy stockings can hold never-ending handbags and candles and beauty... Continue Reading →

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