Words I Never Thought I’d Say…

I made macarons. I can't believe it. Ok I can believe I made them, but, y'all...they actually turned out ok. I made macarons and they turned out...pretty dang alright. Some might even say...good. Those are the words I never thought I'd say. First off...for anyone who has seen my pinterest my love of these basic,... Continue Reading →


Guys. You Need to Make This. That Is All.

So lately Nick and I have been much better about eating at home and not spending so much money eating out...very proud of us 🙂 So we have been trying out a ton of new recipes and choosing what we will be putting into our "rotation" once we live together and have a nice, bigger... Continue Reading →

Date Night

Friday night Nick and I had a lovely little date night 🙂 We went to an adorable little place called Red's Table which I highly recommend. How can I make that sound even more convincing?! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE GUYS! Haha. It was so good. Every single thing we ordered was awesome. They just updated their... Continue Reading →

Weekend Rundown

This long weekend was just what I needed...and yet, it still feels like it was too short. (And I'm sure this 4-day work week is going to feel like an eternity!) My boyfriend was out of town this weekend which meant I was super productive - I'd like to think, at least - in an effort to not... Continue Reading →

Coffee? Dessert? No. And yes. Please.

So obviously I am challenging myself with all these "little" monthly challenges, but I also have a secret little covert one going on that I haven't mentioned...yet... A month ago when I was sick I didn't have coffee for a few days...which turned into me seeing as long as I could go with no caffeine... Continue Reading →

BLIMEY, I’m Hungry for some Donuts

Oh hemeow. Yesterday I called sick out of work and watched [almost] all of Peaky Blinders and am feeling much better today. This is going to be a short blog post because it's really more of a public service announcement... What I'm asking of citizens of this great nation is just to take a pause... Continue Reading →

Thirsty Thursday

So this will be my first -experimental- installment of Thirsty Thursday! (everyone cheers so loud that I have to calmly and patiently wait for them to settle down to continue speaking.... 🙂 ANYWAYS) http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah67/sipeae/Nov%2018/F9937341-2837-4E80-AC77-188B8FA0824D_zpsgvkin5ba.jpg This week we made an Applejack-O-Lantern... Here's what we used for ours...(anything we swapped out was simply based on what we... Continue Reading →

Let’s just do it. Let’s talk about FOOD.

Alright, so I know it's not the chicest thing to write about food. And honestly I feel like half the time on here I'm talking about food so I'm going to try and switch gears (after this post of course Haha). But I honestly feel like I'd be committing a mortal sin and not fulfilling... Continue Reading →

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