In case y’all need some inspiration…

Happy Thursday!! I hope January is going well for everyone... I'm sure everyone is sticking to their resolutions and 2017 goals 😉 Haha. So far January has been going well for me...keeping up in classes, volunteering...perhaps starting to work? We will see... Mostly I'm planning out all the trips I have this summer and friends... Continue Reading →


Summertime Happy Jams

So as we dive into June, I've been really committed to working out, eating healthy...just feeling good and looking good too (hey, I'm not here to lie to anyone). With that can make or break a workout/road trip/outing for me. I go through phases with Pandora where I'm really really into it and other... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Weekend has come and gone (GBA - God Bless America, duh - TBH)...and for some reason here in America we decide to salute those that have chosen to defend all of us - yes even those of us dumb enough to put 'Trump'...or any political bumper sticker on their car, for that matter -... Continue Reading →

Rich Thoughts…on Rich Kids

Feelings after #RKOBH ... I'm no posh spice but...I've never used the word posh and racetrack in the same sentence. With that said, I'm always down for a crown or tiara moment so. Yea. I have to say...I'm surprised at how many times the word "hooker" has been used during this season so far haha.... Continue Reading →

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