My Old Dominion

Drumroll please! It's official! I am a South Carolina resident. I think I can guess what you're thinking now... "but...didn't you move there over a year ago?!" Why, yes! Yes I did. But due to certain difficulties mixed with procrastination (I swear there were legitimate difficulties mixed in with that hardcore procrastination!), it has... Continue Reading →


Inspiración Memphis

As y'all may I am headed to Memphis! (Cue the Walking in Memphis music and jokes right about now) Since I'm a no-longer-employed person I only get so many trips/flights/adventures nowadays so to say I'm excited would be the understatement of an eternity. I get to see my brother for the first time since THANKSGIVING... Continue Reading →

Back from Boston…

Wow, so today I head back from Boston and I am just realizing that somehow September has already slipped through my fingers! I know that my last few posts have been fall fashion, fall fashion, oh-em-gee, FALL FASHION! So, I thought today I'd share some pictures showing off what I've been up to lately other than day... Continue Reading →

Happy Monday People

Oye lorday what a weekend. I still feel exhausted (and cold...though I think that goes without saying). For my friend's birthday she rented a little house by a ski resort for a bunch of us to all stay in. It was so unique and I guess it's been featured on the Travel Channel? Each of... Continue Reading →

Wait, why aren’t I going on a tropical vacation?!

Recently while being chastised by my dear friend for not updating my blog (OOPS what can I say?!) she informed me (brace for jealousy) she would be taking a lovely little tropical vacation soon and needed some tips for packing! So I'll start off by saying how jealous I am. I stopped indoor tanning almost... Continue Reading →

Sometimes when you shred the pow…you end up eating the pow…

OH WELL HELLO. Did you honestly think I would fail so soon?! No way no how. So as I mentioned very recently I went to West Virginia. [I feel the need to defend myself slash explain myself.] YOU know...because...well, West Virginia? (NO OFFENSE WEST VIRGINIA...) Anyways. I gave myself took off a couple days and my... Continue Reading →


All I can say is... New Jersey DC New York DC Harrisonburg Charlottesville DC West Virginia DC I'm going to take a minute or two to casually decompress, but know that I am not dead. And please enjoy this lovely photo from said adventures until I can breath again 😆 Have a GREAT Wednesday... Continue Reading →

Happy Hump Day!

Woo wee. I am feeling much better guys. Infinitely, incredibly better. I will never EVER stop taking my vitamins while working in an office during winter and awful cold season again! It's a good thing I'm feeling better because I have quite the adventure coming up! (And I don't even mean that the next season... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas Eve!

Is everyone home for the holidays?! I took the whole week off work and headed down to good ole' South Carolina Monday. LET me tell you...road trips with a wild cat trying to prowl around your car is slightly difficult. I mean Scooter's pretty good for the most part, but there were a few times... Continue Reading →

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