Home Again, Home Again

Happy Friday! I’m cruising on home on the train from New York, which I usually love but I keep smelling weird things-um I hope it’s not me?! I showered and am wearing clean clothes so I really don’t think it is. Let me just tell you how beyond pumped I am to get home. Don’t get me wrong I love love NYC-haha I think I’ve made that pretty clear, huh? But I miss my amazing roomie-cousin love and my sweet sweet fur baby and of course his Sadie sidekick.


I am going to be beyond lazy tomorrow with my boldest task being to go and get my nails done. I can’t wait to just scour blogs all day and lay on the sofa with Scooter bot and relish my amazing home and roomies.

Next up on the Sipe tour? Knoxville! I’m not going to lie, I’m a little unsure of what there is to do there other than go to college, so any and all suggestions are welcome!

I hope you all have as much of a relaxing weekend as I plan to have.



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